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Neu-Level Therapy and Wellness was created out of the need for an outstanding and advanced neurological and orthopedic private practice in the South Metro Atlanta area. We provide specialized treatments with all neurological diagnoses, but also have therapists who have years of experience and knowledge treating orthopedic diagnoses as well, as they often go hand in hand.
Neu-Level is located in Tyrone, Georgia, and is minutes away from the city of Atlanta, just by way of I-85. Our clinic offers therapy services by clinicians, who provide current research-based treatments, with a hands-on, one-to-one approach. Our level of expertise, allows us to stand out, and above the competition, as we are not the typical cookie-cutter clinic. We provide treatments that cater to helping our clients achieve their personalized goals based on their symptoms, strengths and interests.

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We push the limits of expectations that may not be found in other clinics around because we realize that special results require special work!
We, at Neu-Level Therapy and Wellness, pride ourselves in taking care of our clients as a “whole”. We provide research-based Physical and Occupational Therapy treatments to our clients to improve their over-all well-being as a person. Whether that involves addressing nutritional recommendations, social services recommendations, or physical treatments, we don’t just care about our clients as a part, but as total special being.
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Dr. Paulette Lewis, PT

Paulette Lewis, MPT, DPT, CSRS, CSST, C/LSVT Big, Cert. DN, Certified PWR! Moves Therapist owner and manager of Neu-Level Therapy and Wellness, is a highly skilled neurological physical therapist with over 18+ years of clinical experience.
Dr. Lewis, graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a B.A. in Biological Science. She then went on to attend NovaSoutheastern University in Davie, Florida, where she graduated with her Master of Physical Therapy degree, after completing her thesis research in stroke awareness in the black community. After practicing clinically for several years, Dr. Lewis decided to go back to school and obtain her Doctorate in Neurological Physical Therapy from the Evidence in Motion’s Neurological Recovery Training Institute in Louisville, KY. Her clinical and managerial knowledge involves successfully establishing and co-owning her first out-patient clinic, NeuroMotion Physical Therapy for four years prior to branching out to full ownership of her own private practice, Neu-Level Therapy and Wellness. She is also certified in Senior Strength training, Dry Needling, Ultrasound Dry Needling, and as a Stroke Rehabilitation Specialist.

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